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Photography Clothing Consultation

It's getting close to your engagement photography session with Joanna and you are getting a bit nervous.  Not sure what to wear?  Here are a few suggestions to help you decide.

1. Choose one color hue per session. People stand out if they are different from the norm of the photograph. If the majority of the people show up in black sweaters, and one shows up in red, the photograph will be dominated by the one in red.

2. Wear similar styles. Long sleeves are usually preferable. In all cases, the less distraction the better, and the more focus will be put on the faces. Again, if the majority shows up in long sleeve black sweaters, and one shows up in a purple tank top, the focus may be on both the color of the shirt, and on the bare arms. It will also confuse the overall look – is it summer or fall? Sometimes layers make a great option and give you the opportunity to have a few different looks.

3. Dress for the surrounding location. An evening gown would look out of place in the middle of a forest. Your photographer will have chosen a theme or location for your session ahead of time so dress accordingly. If you want suits and dresses, let your photographer know so that we highlight beauty and elegance – maybe a large fireplace, or a trip to the theater.

4. Avoid distractions. Have you ever seen a portrait with bright plaids, checks or polka dots? Where do your eyes move to? It’s always the clothes that get the attention. A great portrait focuses on the eyes and on the faces – not on the outfits.

5. Have clothing available. If you are bringing children or just cannot decide bring a couple of options with you so that you have choices, and a selection of clothing available. Hats, dresses, old fashioned shawls etc can add or distract so great to bring and ask our opinion.

6. Dress from head to toe. In many portraits, feet show. Muddy boots, or bright orange tennis shoes will stand out, and be the center of attention in the portrait. Is there a ring on your finger?  Perhaps a fresh manicure is in order.

7. Accessories:  Keeping in mind the suggestions above feel invited to wear jewellry and when in doubt bring it along to your session for a second opinion.

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