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Welcome To St. Jacques Photography - "Hamilton's Best Wedding Photographer of 2012  (Award) by Wedding Industry Experts"

Photographer Joanna St. Jacques’  images are a beautiful mix of candid and posed photography. Her modern twist on elegance and Wedding photography has made her a sought after Professional Photographer in the Greater Toronto Area's vibrant Wedding Industry.   Joanna’s Wedding Photography is published in Magazines and Popular Wedding Blogs across Canada and around North America. Her couples are given the utmost personal attention and care, placing an emphasis on the details and Wedding story.

Joanna is sure to provide time and direction to her Bride and Groom creating stunning photos that are romantic, touching, fun, creative, beautiful and unique images that bring out the true beauty of their Wedding Day.  She is familiar with many of the wedding venues in Hamilton, Burlington, Mississauga, Toronto, Niagara and more. St. Jacques Photography provides clients with personal 1-on-1 consultations and custom wedding photography packages that include everything that the couple wants or needs.

 Joanna spends time photographing her couples prior to the wedding day in order to bring confidence and comfort in front of the lens as well as develop a strong trusting relationship with both her Bride and Groom long before the bustle of the Wedding day.

Couples can rest easy knowing they have a consistent professional wedding photographer at their side through the entire day to help them focus on each other and a little less on the rush that is happening around them.

When it's time to receive your images that is when all the magic happens. Contact Joanna St. Jacques today to book your private consultation in studio and find out what sets her apart in a packed photography industry and how her custom photography packages could be more than you expected and better than you may have imagined. Experience Joanna’s photography and customer service.


About Me

I love capturing the first kiss of marriage and the many that follow immediately afterward. I love capturing a bride's glow and a groom's pride on his wedding day. I love seeing guests wiping their eyes with tissue when they see the bride smile at her groom as they meet at the top of the aisle. I love working with couple's on the happiest day of their life and bringing them their photos. I love it when they say, 'I can't believe you got that' and 'I didn't even know that mom cried.' I love showing them all the little things that happened around them while they were busy admiring each other and having a magical day. 

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